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This program is a community service of Christian Charities.  It is sponsored by the following companies and organizations.

Kroger Grocery Stores

United Way of Whitewater Valley

The Shuttle is operated by the Depot Taxi Company in Richmond, IN.  Their number is 1-765-488-1890.

The Food Desert Shuttle is a service that gets our community members from their neighborhood to a grocery store with quality foods available.  It runs once a week from a specific neighborhood location to the store, waits on our clients to shop, and then returns them to their homes with the groceries.   Clients will have one hour of shopping time prior to re-loading the bus for the trip home.

The cost to our clients is $1.50 a trip, the same cost as the local bus service rides.  Shuttle rides are on a 10-person bus with a handicap lift available.  The bus is designed to have specific room available for storage of client groceries. 

At this time, the shuttle routes are being established.  We expect that one route will start in the Southside neighborhood of Richmond, IN.  More will be added during the rest of 2017.

Pick-up location: