The partnership that operates Backpack Blessings includes these groups with their contribution noted:

Backpack Blessings

This represents about 2,300 backpacks for each distribution.  We currently distribute 6-7 times each school year.

The schools currently being served by Backpack Blessings are:

Backpack Blessings is a community partnership that brings weekend lunches to elementary school students in need.  Specifically, any Wayne County, Indiana elementary school that has a free/reduced lunch fee rate of 85% or higher is eligible for the program. 

On the last Friday of the month, when school is in session, backpacks are given to every student in qualified schools. The backpacks contain two meals for use by the students over the weekend.  The timing is designed to supplement social networks in order help kids do well in school on the following Monday.

Starr Elementary in Richmond, IN

Fairview Elementary in Richmond, IN

Vaile Elementary in Richmond, IN

Crestdale Elementary in Richmond, IN

Charles Elementary in Richmond, IN

Westview Elementary in Richmond, IN

Third Grade Academy in Richmond, IN

Dennis Middle School in Richmond, IN

Community Youth Services in Richmond, IN

Christian Charities, Inc.:  Fundraising and administration.

Richmond Community Schools:  Food supplier.

Friday morning Men's Emmaus share-group:  Distribution to schools.

New Testament Church of Christ (Hagerstown, IN):  packing done by small-groups.

First Presbyterian Church in Richmond:  kitchen for packing.

Communities in Schools:  In-school distribution of backpacks.

Reid Health Services:  Food supplier.

I.U. East Men's and Women's Golf Teams:  Part of our packing team.

DOT Foods:  Storage of frozen products.